About us

With our central location in the Netherlands (industrial area BTA12 Ede), we are close to our customers and we can reach any Dutch construction site within a short period of time.


Fastener Point is a full-service wholesaler for professional roof and wall cladding companies. Our fasteners find their way to small and larger cladding companies through-out the Netherlands. We have now grown into a medium-sized and professional company. And that is only because of one thing: we offer what the customer needs, at the right time. Even if it has to be offered very quickly.

Fastener Point's screws

Most of the product range consists of Fastener Point’s screws, which our own brand's screws that are used for sandwich panels, corrugated sheets, SINGLE-WALLED PLATES, wood and concrete. Fastener Point’s professional screws are developed, produced and delivered by us and are available in every desired material. If desired, we can provide the screws with a coating, which we do at our own location. This allows us to provide you with right screw very quickly. We offer a solution for every application! All our screws have been tested and certified in accordance with the applicable building guidelines.


Do you often use Fastener Point's screws? In that case, Fastener Point provides a basic inventory of screws in your warehouse. At fixed times we check the inventory and replenish when necessary. For more information, please call 0318 46 16 50.

Just in time

One of our great strengths is that we are very flexible. And we are happy to prove that. Inventory is our strength. We provide you with appropriate application advice for your project. We do this with the screw guide on our website and of course we are happy to help you by phone. Next, we ensure that that the right screws are ready for you at the right time. Thanks to our large inventory, your continuity is guaranteed. For urgent deliveries, we can deliver screws to the construction site.